A downloadable Level builder for Windows

Super platform maker DX is a platform maker game with nes style graphics and a retro feel.

This game was made for the nes jam originally.


f1 - switch item
f2 - switch item
f3 - switch item
f4 - switch item
f5 - switch item
f6 - switch item
f7 - switch item
f8 - switch item
control + S - save
control + L - load
control + delete - destroy level
right - move right
left - move left
escape - enter/exit play mode
add - increase windows size
sub - decrease windowis size
space - jump

mouse right - remove selected item
mouse left - add item

Home - show controls

Tab - show/hide the menu


Currently the level data from the old versions will not load and could even lead to corruption of the level being loaded!

Install instructions

Unzip the file and click the file ending in .exe to start.


Version 0.4.exe (2 MB)
Source Code

Development log